Kate Ford

Absolutely unreal! She is stunning, and you captured her perfectly. Honestly this is one of the most beautiful boudoir sessions I’ve seen. You are a talented lady!

These are amazing and, my goodness, what a beautiful subject!


Just stunning! Boudoir is not easy, and you did a wonderful job. I love the location too!


Awesome! These are fantastic! I especially like the 4th one down.

I am sitting here in my car as tears roll down my face!!! You are amazing and such a wonderful woman inside and out Tonhya!!! I thank you o so much for capturing an essence of me I had forgotten about and hid for so long!!! To the two lovely comments before mine…you sure know how to make a girl feel good!!!! So much love! Nicole

Gorgeous woman! Her eyes are incredible. You captured her so well, Tonhya.

Absolutely breathtaking. She’s beautiful.


She is gorgeous! And these pictures emphasize it. I have no doubt her hubby loves them. 😉

Stunning! I love the styling–simple makeup, red lip, messy hair. And the pictures are beautiful. I love how you used the window light and there’s lots of variety even in the same room.


so good. she looks beautiful.


GORGEOUS!!! love the makeup! she looks so ethereal.


Absolutely beautiful! She looks so amazing, confident, and sexy! Definitely inspires a woman to get out there and try it!

Monic' Dion

Very Inspiring!

That last frame makes me feel what she’s feeling. Stunning work and it’s good to see a curvy woman rock it in front of your lens. Amazing job- shows your raw talent off.

now this! this is awesome! She is amazingly beautiful with her stunning bone structure! I want to have her confidence!

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