On a more personal note, a little about who I am without the camera in my hand. The quick & dirty — I’m a platinum-haired, queer photographer with a potty mouth to match living in Brooklyn with two adorable doggos and one cutie girlfriend. I moved to New York 6 years ago and it’s been the greatest love story I’ve ever written. I’m a true Pisces & Enneagram Two (if you’re into that). I love exploring every block of this city and eating all the amazing food it has to offer. Any chance I get, I’m on an airplane ready to explore another country. My dogs names are Rudy & Bear and they are the best thing in my life – they bring me a ridiculous amount of happiness. I enjoy a nice whiskey neat or any cocktail that includes a smokey mezcal with a spicy kick. I’m a true homebody, but you can also find me on any Brooklyn dance floor at 3am. I’m an introvert at my core, but can fool anyone into thinking I’m an extrovert (comes with the job!). R&B will always have my heart, but you’ll also often find me listening to classical piano any chance I get. So basically what I’m trying to say is that I’m a walking contradiction and I’m into it. If I sound like your type of human, let’s do this.



La Femme Forte Project