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Chris & Kate

It's impossible to explain how comfortable Tonhya made me and my wife feel not only on our wedding day, but the months and months leading up to it. We are not the type of people that like to be the center of attention, or pose for photographs, or relinquish control to strangers. Tonhya's charming, empathetic, and professional nature totally broke down those walls. It was obvious very early on that she was not a stranger or typical work for hire, but that she was a friend looking to document a genuine connection between us. While we spent an entire year planning, stressing, and adapting to every little unexpected nuance that comes with building a wedding from scratch, the one thing we never had to second guess was her. She captured that entire day so flawlessly, and with such poise and perfection that when we got our photos back they instantly transported us back in time. I could not recommend her enough!

Alisa & Barrett

Tonhya is an absolute dream to work with - we're so thankful we found her. She did our engagement shoot and wedding in Upstate New York, which was featured on Martha Stewart Weddings. We interviewed about a dozen wedding photographers but her aesthetic really stood out to us, it's romantic yet edgy without being cloying. She's an excellent listener, easy to work with, and an absolute pro at taking beautiful portraits, memorable details, and candid moments that really capture the energy of the day. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Whitney & Scott

Tonhya is hands down the most incredible photographer I've worked with. I spent a full month trying to find a photographer for our New York City wedding. I wanted someone that felt fashion forward but with an edge that could also grab the sentimental moments. I didn't realize how hard this was to find. She was all that and more. She was amazing at getting the shots without encroaching on your day and making you do a million posed photos. She has that west coast vibe which I was drawn to but with a New York edge. I even texted her 2 hours before our rehearsal dinner and asked her if she would be able to document it. Without hesitation, she jumped on it and showed up, camera in hand and started shooting. I woke up on my wedding day with a preview of the shots from the rehearsal and I couldn't believe her turn around time. She is not only an incredible artist, but an incredible person that I am so happy I got to spend my big day with. After the wedding she sent us a preview of our wedding that we cherished on our honeymoon as we got to relive the day through the photos.

Jeanne & Kevin

Let's face it, finding the right photographer for your wedding can be a daunting task - even more so in NYC where you have so many options. I wanted to find someone special and Tonhya more than exceeded my expectations. She is simply amazing. She aims to capture real moments and true beauty in all her work. One of the best parts is getting to know her as a person. She's one of the kindest, funniest, most compassionate, genuine people you'll ever meet. For our engagement shoot and on our wedding day, she was one of the few people aside from family and friends who made me feel so supported as a bride. I knew from our first meeting that she wouldn't disappoint. If you're looking for a photographer, just know you'll find so much more with Tonhya who not only cares about her art but about people. Believe ME, that's rare in the wedding industry which has become so cold and commercialized. All those closest to me commented on how lovely she was to be around on the wedding day. She was one of the best decisions my husband and I made.

Courtney & Patrick

Tonhya was the best fit for our winter wedding in NYC. She absolutely killed it! We have the most gorgeous, artistic, REAL photos from our day - posed and candid alike. She was a gem throughout. She helped me manage anxiety when family photos turned a little lengthy and totally took control. She made my husband and I comfortable in front of the camera and had a casualness about her that was so welcomed and refreshing during the events. She's the friend you want around on this very unique day and her photos show it.

Robert & Jordan

Every part of the process with Tonhya was immensely enjoyable--from pre-wedding planning to post-wedding photo editing. Her work is outstanding in every way. The photographs she took have enabled us to re-experience not only the sights of our wedding but also the joy, love, tastes, aromas and music! Tonhya is an extraordinary force in our lives, and we cannot wait to have her photograph the next joyous milestone in our Book of Life.

Laura & Adam

Tonhya was the photographer for our wedding last June and we truly love both her and our wedding photos. She was simultaneously always there when we needed her but never obtrusive. She kept us running on time but also kept us calm when there were inevitable delays. She even coaxed some cute poses out of our very stubborn terrier. We couldn't imagine spending 7 hours of the most stressful and meaningful day of our lives with anyone else. The photos are so sophisticated and unique that my mother-in-law says they look like they're from Vogue. But there are also many beautiful candid shots that capture the love and laughter between the two of us and our families.

Alli & Jesse

We’re so lucky to have found Tonhya. She is a truly artistic photographer as well as a total pleasure to work with. I HATE having my photo taken, and she put me right at ease. She captures the most amazing shots and makes it seem totally effortless. I really fell in love with her broad range — she can do images that are both candid and natural as well as more editorial and stylized. We did engagement shots with her too (which I highly recommend) and am SO thrilled to finally have a bunch of photos of me that I love.