nancy nolan

I love all of this! She is gorgeous, you are gorgeous, these photos are gorgeous. Just…GORGEOUS!


Wise words, lady. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and heart. Good read and reminder for this day.

You’re gorgeous. She’s gorgeous. The photos are gorgeous. So much beauty!!

Tonhya, I’ve been following your work for well over a year now. You and Andria Lindquist have been the biggest sources of inspiration and amazement for me. I love the way you capture light and beauty and I’m always interested when you have a new post to see the world through your eyes. I just wanted to leave a note to thank you for putting not only your beautiful images, but also a bit of yourself out there for me (and the rest of the world) to see. Cheesy to say, maybe, but it enriches my life. Okay, enough sap! Bye!


p.s., Hilarious that Nancy (above) and I had the same comment!! I was writing mine before I read anyone else’s, But, it’s certainly true!

Love her! Love you! How have I been friends with you both this entire time, and not put the pieces together that you live in same building? geesh… And hell, yes here’s to awesome woman, being comfortable in your own skin and celebrating one another!

These are bang, bang BANGIN! Love your sweet words- this makes me adore you even more reading this and thinking back to how much fun we had at Beyonce with Dorothy and Allison. So thankful for your friendship and silly love you spread everywhere.


love when you share your heart through words and photos – just lovely!

Tonhya – love these images and these words. I attended the Making Things Happen conference this spring and we were instructed to think of a person in our life who was toxic – I started the exercise thinking “Nobody!” and at the end had a page full of people, habits, etc. that are toxic to me and that I need to eradicate. Saying no to these things and people, although difficult, has allowed me to say yes to amazing, life giving, encouraging, and supportive friends and I am so very thankful. We are all in this journey together and I thank you for sharing your part. xoxo.


Beautiful neighbor. Beautiful words. Beautiful Tonhya 🙂 Love you sweet girl!

T Money!!! You are THE BEST! Like, WOW!!! I love love LOVE how all of these turned out!!! Not a few, but ALL of them!! Thank you for making me feel like a million bucks!

Okay, so Talitha is my best friend, and I am DYING HERE! These are just UNREAL!!!!!! She is so beautiful and you really captured HER! You are an amazing photographer. Beautiful.

The most beautiful girl in the world – inside and out – Talitha that is. We should know, we’re her parents. Tonhya, outstanding job of capturing all of that and more! Alan & Anoosh Bullock


i don’t know you, but i know talitha. thank you for taking these, for your kind and true words and for capturing her stunning presence! the whole thing makes my heart full. bravo beautiful ladies.

She is STUNNING. Love, love, LOVE.

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