Incredible. I bet this was a life changing experience for all of you. Beautifully captured, Miss Tonhya. I love the name Marlow- I’ve never heard it out of the 1000+ babies I’ve photographed so high fives to Jonna and Donald on their name choice. She’s a beauty.

this is so so so perfect. love love love <3


Such a beautiful baby! Amazing photos

Christine Angtuaco

WOW…these are incredible photos. Really beautiful moments captured. Congrats Jonna and Donald! 🙂


Stunning and so, so precious. What an experience you all had! Can’t wait to pinch those cheeks.

Jonna (Marlow's mom) ;)

The best day of our lives! You did it perfectly. I cry and I get to re-live each precious part of it thanks to you. Beautifully told in your words and your images, sister. Humbly, thank you!

Oh my goodness, what an adorable and emotional set of pictures, such incredible eyes she has! So beautiful Tonhya!

Monic' Dion

These are amazing! Made me tear up! Marlow is one lucky girl!


Beautiful Tonhya, just beautiful!!


Oh my god Tonhya this is beautiful.

Debbie Dion

She is beautiful!!! Oh my!!!

Your work inspires me. Thank you for sharing these! And please tell me she peed on Donald in those last shots! Ha!


Love! Just absolutely love!! Beautiful baby, beautiful family, beautiful story! Thanks, as always, sharing your story of pictures! <3

Keisha Simmons

Wow! How amazing is that to have such a beautiful experience captured in such a way that one can feel the love that was shared in that moment with ur lovely family! Awesome! Great job yet again miss lady!

So glad you got to be in there with her!!! It’s amazing, right?! Job well done, my friend… xo.

I am shivering and get tears in my eyes. This is truly beautiful!
Love your work!

Just stunning. My eyes welled up. I especially love the ones towards the end with your sister and baby on the bed.

lovely, lovely photographs! I can feel the love emanating from the black and white photos! And that baby is just adorable!

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