Love the first image!!! 🙂

Gorgeous! Sometimes it’s just best to get out of the house and do a personal shoot… something I’m in much need of. Good for you for going out there and doing what you love. 🙂 Beautiful work, as always.

Ahhhh. Takes my breath away.

oh YES! loving these <3 …it's always that special little notch with personal projects… that makes them more special for even a stranger like myself.

Monic' Dion

These are awesome!!

Emma Kepley

OH MY GOSH……..officially can’t wait to meet/learn from you. FLAWLESS…so urbanoutfitters/freepeople…YUM. You are amazing. End of Story.

Unbelievable. So, so good.

PS: please get a large print made of the first one and put it in your house 🙂

Hi Tonhya – it’s been awhile (I even have a new name)! I was googling haircut ideas and you popped into my mind 🙂 I wanted to take a moment to say: (1) These rock!! (2) Aren’t personal projects so re-invigorating? (3) I totally relate to the quote / prior post. I’m moving yet again and people keep asking, “so are you gonna go full-time with your freelance now?” There’s always that cynical voice in the back of my head saying “there’s thousands of other great photogs out there, you’ll never stand out”. So I just thought I’d remind you that I see more photography than just about anybody for a living & you’re the one I wanted to hire to do our engagement photos because you have a great style!!!

Woah!! Where are the rest?! I need more!

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