I love these two, for real. And am so happy for them. You captured them just perfectly.

Andria Lindquist

oh hunny bunny those colors are NUTS NUTS. seriously shooting in winter never looked so good!!! so glad you got to do those for them!! im up next!!

These are great TK! Congrats to your sis and your fam. I’m sure the wedding is going to be so fun.

Woah Tonhya!! This is freakin’ awesome my friend!

these are so wonderful. loving the ones in the field. and your sister is so adorable.

So so SO good! I love his red bow tie 🙂

This is definitely one of my favorite sessions you’ve ever done. The snow, the hay bails, the coffee shop- all of it is perfection. How special getting to photograph your sister’s engagement session! You knocked it out of the park. And that first photo of them sitting at the table looking at each other- you guys look A LOT alike! 🙂 Adore this so much. Excellent job!!!!

O man, these are so lovely. What a special shoot. Amazing outfits! I feel the same way (with extra pressure) about close friends pictures. 😛 I *love* what she said about your other couples going through your beautiful pictures and their reactions. It is so wonderful. 🙂

I love this. They are SO cute. And I love the snow, I love the blanket. I’m jealous that you shot under that bridge in downtown because I drove through there ALL the time and never stopped. The pop of red, all the colors really, make me want to bundle up and drag my couples out in the snow. Beautiful. And congratulations to Jonna and Donald!


Great Job! I’m so happy for Jonna! She is so beautiful inside and out, and it really shows in every one of her photos. I didn’t cry, 😉 but the pictures definitely made me smile today. THANK YOU. =)


The window shot in Madeline’s and the shot of them in between the pillars. GOLD.

Jonna & Donald

We just did the sit on the couch and SMILE and CRY…AGAIN on our lunch break. Blessed. Honored. Not worthy. Humbled. AMAZED. LOVE!!! Thank you for this sister. We love you. Thanks all for the lovely comments too. 🙂


I love these. You capture wonderful moments in time. Love the story you tell.


Beautiful. Timeless. Perfectly capturing the essence of Donny and Jonna. Amazing job, Tonhya!

Lovely images and cute couple! I’m a fan of photo shoots in snow, such amazing lighting!


Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!

Tonhya!!! These are incredible!!! LOVE the entire look of it, snow, red, green. Beautiful, beautiful job. And it looks like they had a blast.

Geri Niess

Jonna Jae you are sooooo beautiful, I love the red bow tie Donald. The color combinations are awesome. Tonhya Awesome job on the pictures, I love the one where it says no trespassing, that is great! love you guys!

Absolutely delicious! #11, #36, #45 are the show-stealers for me (hover over the photo for the #). Beautiful stuff all around.

wow lady, best locations on earth right here. Seriously gorgeous imagery.

Emma Kepley

Oh my In love with delicious and white..yum! And your amazing as usual.

these are awesome! love the snow.

Love this session girl- so sweeeeeet!


Oh my gosh! Again, breath taking! Jonna is so beautiful! I especially love the field and coffee shop pictures! =) I really hope you will get to do our pictures. I know you’ll make magic. Happy holidays!

Monic' Dion

I LOVE that you took pics at Madeleines! One of my favorite places in Spokane! 🙂


These pictures of Jonna are stunning.Love the snow pictures! The love for each other really shows through. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to see the bride.Well done little miss!

These are so beautiful and wintry! There are so many frame-worthy ones.. especially the far off ones with lots of field + sky. They will have such a hard time choosing their favorites!!

whoa those are killer! really liking the snow! Nice to meet you at the Seatog party!

Just beautiful. I add you to my RSS:)

Momma Shawn ; )

These pics are by far some of my favorites. Probably because it’s your sis however what you “captured” is beyond romance. Love the “touch” of color/splash Donald adds with his tie…again, beyond romance!Then the pics @ Madelines…oh my. I have my fav’s! 🙂

Momma Shawn ; )

These pics are by far some of my favorites. Probably because it’s your sis however what you “captured” is beyond romance. Love the “touch” of color/splash Donald adds with his tie…again, beyond romance!Then the pics @ Madeleines…oh my. I have my fav’s! 🙂


aww. got a little teary eyed on this one. maybe cuz it’s your own family, or maybe cuz it was shot in spokane (and i feel particularly close to that city.) looking at these pictures, it was like, personal to me or something haha. i’m happy for you and your sister! that’s so awesome that she has you to capture all the great moments.

love the winter scenery! way to change it up. props to the couple on being adventurous with their shoot. where was that field? and that hay bale?

Mom and Dad

JONNA, You are so BEAUTIFUL….It is so rewarding to see you grow into such an inspirational, compassionate, and loving woman. Seeing you so happy fills our hearts with PRIDE. We are so happy to have Donald a part of our FAMILY. TONHYA, We thank you for capturing the LOVE! WE ARE SO PROUD AND BLESSED!!!


Beautiful as always, you’re the greatest Tonhya, but it’s nice when you have two beautiful people to photograph too! Love you sweetie.

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