Sick… Love sick. 🙂

WOW!!!! these pictures just blow me away. Amazing work!! 🙂


Flippin’ adorable! It makes me want another engagement session with Nathan! I love the black and white one at the farmers market!

Christina Jewell

Steven is my nephew and, although I didn’t think it possible, you made him and Jillian look even better, happier and more adorable than normal. With a lump in my throat I enjoyed each and every one of the pictures. The black and white, forehead to forehead picture is my absolute favorite. Job well done!

Marjorie A. Townzen

I’m Jillian’s grandma and I love the black and white at the vegetable and fruit market.

I love this session Tonhya!

Joy Morris

I’m Jillian’s mother, Joy and I must say it was breath-taking!! It made me very teary eyed and I agree I love the black and whites and especially the one with the airplane!! Thank you for capturing their love in the moment!!!!

dennis thompson

Brilliant work! One can feel the happiness and love between Steven and Jillian gushing from your pictures. You’ve captured it all: love, fun, committment and pure happiness!
Thanks for capturing the moment for this great couple.

Steven’s dad,

Jamie Martin

I’m Jillian’s “little sis” and i love the amazing pictures you took of jill and steven. my favortie one has to be the one with the airplane flying over them. i cant wait to see the wedding pictures and be there when u dour amazing work<3

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