GOOD-BYE 2010. HELLO 2011.


Oh my! You are so incredibly talented!!! What a great collection of photos… I totally enjoyed it! Happy New Year to you & yours.

Oh, and I spy Katie from Moon Photo Lab!!! ^.^ cute.

You have a great eye Tonhya! I really enjoy the images you create!

whoa. very pro. all of it

Absolutely love this mix. I’m so glad to see “your year” since I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing you yet and you bomb A work. A few of them I went back and looked again. The birdcage one, part way down. And the hair shake one. Umbrella one. Love seeing your year. Girl you have wicked talent. We obviously need to shoot together. 🙂 and thanks for sharing your heart thru this yr. It’s amazing to see even how much change can come in one year. So Many great years of change and growth ahead.


Love what you said about God’s grace and how you experienced it this past year…I too had a year like that and it blows my mind sometimes 🙂 All the best for 2011! And by the way, that is a remarkable collection of photos!

Manu Caiafa

Tonhya, I think that you were born to be a photographer because You see in a way that makes everything ordinary incredibly beautiful. I miss you. We need to schedule a new photo shoot. Happy new year!!! Lots of love,
Manu, Dani and Clara.

You’re blowing my mind.

Seriously, only your first year? Your work is amazing! I know that I’ve said that before. Keep at it as I find your journey very inspirational for someone in this as long as you :).


Your photography makes me smile. 🙂

Looking at this, 2011 is going to be a big year for you. Top notch stuff here girl, I’m glad to know such a talented person 🙂


My favorite post yet!! You are so talented Tonhya and you have absolutely stunning photos. I am so excited to work with you this year!

well done! you’re going to go far.

Mom and Dad

Tonhya (BabyToon), Your work is AMAZING! We are so PROUD of YOU!!! We Love you!

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