These are awesome. Amazing job!

O, and I forgot to say I LOVE THAT LITTLE CABIN/BARN. Seriously the cutest. I want it for our farm. 🙂

Gurl… LA/ NYC or bust! For seriousness. xo


I love love love all of them but I was drawn to image 71! amazing

Emma Kepley

IN LOVE WITH THIS. oh my goodness I can’t wait to hopefully work and learn from you. You are amazing.

WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! These are so incredible! These people know how to work a camera 🙂 Brilliant!

Dude. These are brilliant. Love.


THESE ARE AMAZING!!!! Let’s play this spring girl!!!!!

Monic' Dion

Nice work Ton Ton! :)!! These are awesome!

shut the front door. these rock, tonhya.

Been waiting to see more from this – totally killer!

You seriously owned this shoot! The models have some mad style and the posing is amazing.

Oh my goodness …these are amazing. Some of my favorites I’ve seen from you. The setting is absolutely gorgeous!

There are some photos, then there are these photos…super good. I need to photograph the first girl. Need.

Love it T. Love that your roadtripped just for fun and photographs. Incredible work.

So many photos in this set made my jaw literally drop.


Wow Ton! About time you posted these – I love them! There were a couple real show stoppers for sure…some real Tonhya magic happening. 🙂

I want to Tumbl EVERY SINGLE ONE. Love it Ton. Literally one of the best things I’ve ever seen you do (‘sides Indian Summah)


WOW!!! Tonhya, these are AMAZING!!! Love, Love, Love!

Your work is phenomenal, all of these images are so beautiful and the location is amazing!

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