Holy moly. So beautiful!

Gooooood lord. 3 & 11….LOVE them.

love it, and the feel of the images! the film looks so beautiful

About damn time! Seriously, love the set, it was worth the wait.

Andria Lindquist

dude these are retarded good.

annnnnd remind me why you aren’t a full time fashion tog?

Holy Shit. Wow. I agree with Shoda- definitely worth the wait!

These are amazing. BEAUTIFUL WORK!!

this is just ridiculous. seriously.

LOVE THIS POST! I absolutely love following your blog and your work, it is so inspiring, intimate and beautiful! These images are absolutely gorgeous, I love it all!


So many great images tonhya!! really love this side of your creativity, i think you flourish here like crazy 🙂

I iz gonna tumbl the shiiiiiiiiiz outta these Ton. BRILL

These are breathtaking! Absolutely AMAZING! So proud of you to go out and shoot what makes you feel alive, clearly this is your forte. GO FOR IT GIRL!

Wow, these are incredibly stunning!


Wow sis…you can really feel your voice, see your perspective in this. So beautiful, so mystic, I love it.

freaking unbelievable. is this morning or evening light? I’m guessing evening based on the 5th to last photo but curious.

what in the world … i don’t even … wow … i mean … can’t even … sentence. i want to look at these all day.


fantastic work! : )

TONHYA! These are beyond incredible!

UGH SHUT UP. so good. SO GOOD.

Ali M

These are FANTASTIC. So beautifully well done.

T, you are nuts talented! How’s that portfolio going??!! xo


As always, amazing work Tonhya! Keep it up, I always love when I see that you’ve posted new pictures on your blog 🙂

GOLD! That reflection on the lake is perfect. Woo woo lady!

Beautiful and oh so moody. Brilliant, Tonhya!

She is beautiful. These are so emotional.

B E A U T I F U L !!!!

Completely blown away. There are no words to how beautiful these are.

You know, a lot of people overlook how important every art of the frame is sometimes in lieu of a cool backdrop or an interesting moment. What makes these cool is how purposeful and intentional everything is while maintaining a certain whimsy. This is just ace stuff. You should be (and I hope you are) SUPER proud of all of these.

these are really something else, tonhya! purely something wonderful, amazing, and all kinds of good! love love love!


Ahhh!! I went to high school w Ari!! These are breathtaking 🙂

Emma Kepley

literally the most amazing thing ever…….YOU ARE AMAZING and I can’t wait to learn from you ahh! Flawless and edgy..delicious.

Emma Kepley

Literally the most amazing shoot..ahh you are amazing and i can’t wait to learn from you ahh. Flawless and edgy..delicious.


I met Ari a few years ago in Seattle and I think I may have been the first serious photographer she ever worked with. She had IT immediately. Probably the 3rd or 4th shot on my roll was the best photo I’ve ever taken in my life. These are orders of magnitude better — rockstars, both of you.

Amazing. These are so great and contain so much emotion and a really cool mood. Love the concept.

Yes yes yes! These are amazing! I’m so glad to have stumbled across your blog! 🙂

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