Monic' Dion

Tonhya! These are so AWESOME!!! I’m so proud of you for becoming the best wedding photographer ever!

Unreal. You couldn’t have shot this any better. Well done you two.

Great job TK! Love the outdoor portraits son!

love it Tonhya! hopefully you’re submitting this somewhere. awesome job!

Boom! You just killed it with this post.. what a down to earth wedding. Such a sweet couple.. those shots ringing the bell and them walking down that stairwell.. RIDICULOUS! 🙂 Love it!


Gorgeous Tonhya! A beautiful, fun couple and beautiful pictures!


So many things I love about this one! Beautiful couple, killer location, amazing details, perfect light…aw, so good.

Kelsey Cappelletti

These are all amazing! There were so many that I kept thinking “oooh that’s my favorite!” and then I’d scroll down and find another one 🙂

Katie Dougherty

All of these pictures make me smile no matter how many times I’ve seen them!! Thank you SO much for being a part of our wedding, it was seriously the best day ever and your pictures captured every moment perfectly and we will cherish these forever =)

Manu Caiafa

These are my favorite wedding photos so far, LOVED!!!

Tonhya, you rocked this one!! I especially love the little boy holding up the mustache to the bride – priceless. 🙂

WOW, Tonhya. Your best yet, I reckon? When you got home and downloaded your cards, you must have been VERY pleased 🙂

wow! i love that shot of the spoons.

Katie Cobb

Katie and Seth are so wonderful and these photos definitely captured that. They are amazing.

amazingly beautiful!!!


Deborah Menezes

Hi Tonhya, I’ve looked at your photos several times before but never left a comment and I thought I should “leave some love”. I loved the pictures from this wedding,it looked so fun, makes me wish I was there!

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