Ai Tomizawa

Hahaha, I love Charlie…always cracks me up.
Your sister looks beautiful; these are great photos Tonhya!

Jonna & Sota

okay, *tear! First of all you ARE amazing! You made me and Sota feel like we were on cloud 9 – had so much fun! 🙂 You & your talents are a serious blessing to us and so many others. I can’t wait to see where photography takes you. Thank you for this! (omg, how cute are P & C – HAHA)

LOVE these! My faves are all the one’s you listed as your favorites. What cute couple!!! 🙂

Ashley Martin

LOVE these pictures, Tonhya! You captured Jonna and Sota so well – and of course the dogs too 🙂 I so enjoy keeping up with you on your blog and am so excited about what you are accomplishing. Your new look seems to fit you well and I look forward to watching you and hearing more about your adventures – because you know your proud sister shares it all with me! Take care.


Soooo cute T-money!! The pictures are beautiul- hehe funny puppies 🙂


You are an amazing Photographer. All your photos are remarkable. I love the photo shoot of Jonna & Soto… They also look very familiar…..

Aunt Pam

I just love looking at your photos. Looking at all of the photos just makes me miss you both all the more! You both are such beautiful women. Tonhya, wishing you best as always. Love you.

Gorgeous! You and your sister are both beautiful!


So cute! I like how it looks so laid back! I hope I’m living like that one day! Dogs and all! 🙂

These are lovely! and I LOVE the pug dog! [ = pugs are the best!

Monic' Dion

I am loving the new Blog look and these photos! 🙂 The photos capture both their personalities perfectly! Once again nice work! Love you!


A-MAZING photos, Tonhya!!! Jonna is beautiful and they’re are such an adorable couple 🙂 I looooove the one where Percy? is yawning and everyone’s looking/laughing at him!

Debbie Dion

These photos are are amazing and we love you so much, so excited for you and this awesome journey you are on!!!
Keep sending me updates and I will show Ron tonight!!



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