Mandee Romero

great, great job! where do you find such cute babies…i want one! 😉

ah. SOOOO great. they’ve got to be thrilled with them!

Emma Kepley

This makes me happy, beautiful family and beautiful pictures of course:)

Monic' Dion

omg! I want that little girl! She is a doll!!

Holy cow!! Talk about the perfect photographing weather! Stunning images!!

Lorena Caiafa

Congratulations once more, Tonhya! Your pictures are beautiful! Of course, the gorgeous family makes it easier 🙂
Lorena (Daniel’s sister)

These are some of the best family portrait shots I’ve seen. Beautiful work.

these are some of the best family photos I’ve seen. Beautiful work!

Love, love, love this shoot Tonhya!

Manu Caiafa

Remember you asked me to pick 5 favorites? I managed to narrow it down to 32 :-). It’s just so hard; they are all beautiful. You impress me every time we do a do a new photo shoot. Thank you so much!


holy crap that’s a cute baby. these were beautiful.

Coburn & Melissa

Love these pictures! It’s amazing to me how your pictures speak so much. What a great gift you have.

I am IN LOVE with these!! I remember their maternity session making me tear up, and I thought that house looked familiar! I immediately thought of the shot with all of the bunnies. You do AMAZING work, and you capture emotion so well!!

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