You are soooo good. And I am super jealous of both your talent and of you getting to go to Hawaii. Great job 🙂


Oh my gosh Toonie… So beautiful! It makes me tear up!! I cannot wait to have you with me for my special day .


Oh my goodness! These pictures seriouslly made me start to tear up. You did an excellent job Tonhya. I am so happy for this beautiful couple.

awesome awesome! how incredible to be a part of such a small, intimate wedding!!!!!!! GREAT JOB CHICKA!

You are one talented lady. Just beautiful my dear friend! 🙂

you did a stunning job of telling the story both in words and images. really really beautiful tonhya. this is exactly the experience that we look forward to in shooting and ppl like those 2 just take it to a whole nother level. I cant believe he wrote her a song. she will cherish that forever.

one of your shots….he’s sitting and she’s standing on the rock. took my breath away. ammmmazing.

Extra helpings of yum. Love the Tom’s for the lads. So many great portraits. X-eyed tongue photo is a winner.

you’re good, girl. the portraits of them under the trees, on the beach, are fantastic. love that last shot of the tree, too.

Julie Cates

Absolutely gorgeous photos Tonhya! What a beautiful wedding and a beautiful couple!

Ana Edwards

Wow. So beautiful. You photographed it so well! Truly moving, and just such a beautiful story!! I’m so happy for them, and so happy for you to have been there! If what you captured on film so powerfully was only part of the experience, I can only imagine what it must have felt like to have been there in person!

portraits are best part. but everything was best

So lovely!!! You are so talented- great job on capturing the feeling of the day!

Natalie Hall

Gorgeous work. Absolutely beautiful. The Barta’s are friends and they are a special breed. Love them. 🙂 So glad you could shoot for Amy and Jon. How wonderful.

Chris Hays

Wow, amazing job <3

I love, love, love that the guys all wore TOMS. Great shots Tonhya!

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