My best valentines day is happening right now! Since it’s our first valentines day married we decided to go all out, so It’s actually been a valentines day weekend. My husband Gus surprised me with a getaway to a gorgeous penthouse suite in Sandpoint Idaho where we had a romantic dinner, champagne, chocolate, the works. Then thinking Valentines Day was already celebrated, I was even more surprised when I woke up this morning to Breakfast in Bed. He sat down on the best to tell me this was the 25th month we had been together, so he hid 25 cards filled with 25 things he loved about me all around the house! I found all of them and cried the whole morning. He says there is more to come but I don’t know how it could get any better! I have never felt this loved in my life!

Best Valentine’s Day gift was Valentine’s 2009. It was a 4-part gift.

Part 1: My then boyfriend (now hubby) and I used to work in the same office. He worked in the IT department. I left my desk to grab a cup of coffee from the kitchen and when I got back I noticed that the letters on my keyboard had been switched out to say “I LOVE JYU” across the middle row. My maiden name was Yu.

Part 2: There were also flowers, chocolates, a card (with a poem) and a balloon on my desk.

Part 3: And the following day he took me out in downtown for lunch at Benihana, wine tasting in Pike Place and dessert at one of the best gelato places I’ve been to yet!

Part 4: And that evening we drove to Birch Bay where we stayed for a night and had a 5-course dinner at the Semiahmoo Resort.

So…I would love to surprise him with a Boudoir Session gift for our anniversary in June. Pick me, pick me! 🙂

It’s funny reading your intro — and realizing how many Dad’s must think a like. My favorite Valentines day wasn’t any one in particular, but all of the ones that took place when I still lived at home. Every February 14th, I would get extremely red in the face when asked to go down to the office and pick up my gift. Knowing it was a huge bouquet of flowers and chocolate was – at the time – a little mortifying, because you had to explain that no it wasn’t from a secret admirer, but rather, your Dad. I used to think it was because he felt bad that I didn’t have a Valentine, but as I’ve gotten older, and learned to care for him more, and become friends with him, I know it’s just because he loved me. And, even now today with my own “valentine” I still miss the candy bouquets from my Dad… my first and true Valentine who attended Daddy daughter dances, took pictures of me at prom, and will hopefully someday walk me down the aisle.

I don’t live in Seattle, BUT, I’d love to visit some other photogs I look up to (I believe you know Karen!) and I’d love to meet you — I’ve been admiring your work for awhile now. <3 Happy Valentines Day!

Alaina Tarver

I have the best and the worst from my husband…
WORST- I made a HUGE scavenger hunt for my boyfriend (now hubby), and made it so he ended up finding me and his daughter waiting for him in the arboritum at U or I with a huge cheese & fruit lunch and wine and a present for him. That night we went out for dinner with friends. My friend’s boyfriend bought her a huge thing of roses, and when I looked at my boyfriend, he just shrugged and said, “I dont like to give flowers when its expected. Sorry.” So, I got nothing, not even a card.
BEST- My husband and I just found out we are expecting our first baby together! I have been super nauseated and unable to eat much or go anywhere for long. He surprised me with a “Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Survival Kit” with flowers, anti-nausea medicine, ginger ale, chocolate, Jolly Ranchers, Werther’s, and pudding. He also watched a chick flick with me and made me dinner (since that has been an impossible feat for me lately). It may not be a get-away, or new jewelry, or a grand gesture of his love. But I know it was big for him, and it spoke volumes to my heart. He is so good about telling me how much & why he loves me everyday, and it is the little things he does each day that sweeps me off my feet!

Last year was my first time having a valentine, soI don’t have a best/worst gift to share. I do have a kind of funny gift story to share though…

I was still living back on the east coast and my now husband was in WA, so we mailed each other gifts. Without knowing it we both got each other the exact same cannon lens travel mug. We found it pretty funny when we realized while being on opposite ends of the country we got each other the same valentines day gift.


HECK YES I WILL ENTER! The best gift I have received…and this is going to sound corny…is the gift of intentional time with my fiance. We are both not big Valentine’s Day gift givers, but quality time is very important to me and we both have crazy busy schedules. So every year he plans a fun activity for the two of us to share together! The worst gift I received was from a high school boyfriend…it was a framed picture of himself. Yes, just him. That is when I realized that he was in love with himself and I should probably find a new boyfriend 😉

Amanda Gorze

Today was the best. My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship, he’s in Wenatchee I’m in Walla Walla. Went through school all day, seeing girls with gifts and flowers, holding hands with their boyfriends. I got home and checked the mail, I received a letter from him(: It was an amazingly sweet love letter and I’d rather have that letter and this amazing boyfriend and being in a long distance relationship than have him here and being showered with gifts that I don’t actually need. I love him so much(:

Kesha Cruz

You expect something from your boyfriend, husband or fiance on Valentines Day. That being said the real “surprise” is really about the timing, gift, gesture or act of kindness. Even though love is something we show and give all year long, it’s nice to pick out a day the whole world is lovey dovey. The best Valentines Day EVER I didn’t have a Valentine! I went to school like any other day, tried not to envy the other girls in studio talking about their plans and suprises and then went to work. I was working at a drive through coffee stand at the time and all day guys were stopping by to pick up their girlfriends, wifes or fiances “drinks”. As I was getting ready to close up shop, a truck zipped up to the window. “last minute customer and I just cleaned the machine, ugh” is what I was thinking. I opened the window and a complete stranger handed me a couple roses and said “Happy Valentines Day!” With a smile and drove away, he never stopped by again. Best Valentines ever, I was surprised and touched by a simple act of kindness. 🙂


The best Valentine’s Day gift I’ve ever received was actually today. I was skyping with my man who is currently deployed and then I hear a knock on the door…it was a bouquet of a dozen roses and lillies, chocolates, and an incredibly sweet card. I got to open it all in front of him via skype which really made it special. His card brought tears to my eyes but in a good way. We’ve yet to spend a Valentine’s Day together due to deployments but this has been my best Valentine’s Day ever. Even an ocean away he makes my heart skip a beat and puts a smile on my face. I love him so very much 🙂

Katie Dougherty

My best valentines was actually this one!! I am in the middle of midterms in school right now and have been so busy and stressed, and so Seth planned a fun little surprise evening to take my mind off school for a bit and we went for drinks then ice skating (SO fun but we were both a little shaky on the ice..) then he cooked me steak and green beans for dinner (we love red meat but rarely eat it!) So, the best gift was just quality time with my hubby. =)
The worst: I was a sophomore in high school on our first date so he planned a surprise night. It started at 5 so I figured he was taking me to dinner, but he didn’t so I was starving all night!! We went mini golfing (it was cold and I didn’t have a coat) and then to an AWFUL scary movie (who goes to a scary movie on valentines day???) and so after that he was not the one for me, but he got really crazy and called me all the time everyday and would randomly show up everywhere I was to “talk about us” even though there wasn’t an “us” to talk about! SHEESH. Good thing I have Seth now! =)

Most of my Valentines days have been pretty low key and consistent. But I remember one year in high school that was pretty bad. Almost every year my dad sent me flowers and my mom would buy me a whole bunch of chocolates. But for some reason, my dad forgot the flowers. As embarrassing as it is to carry a bouquet of roses through the school, its even more disappointing to wait all day and not get anything. My mom had decided not to get us any candy that year. The third strike was that the guy I was dating didn’t get me anything. I remember how bummed I was that day. Lately, we haven’t really done anything for Valentine’s day. Last year because we had just gotten engaged and this year because it snuck up on us! Oops.


Last Valentine’s Day, I found out I was pregnant. It was the best gift in the whole world. We had only been trying for 6 months, but I felt like I won the lottery. My sweet boy is the best gift my husband could ever give me. I love them both dearly!

Monic' Dion

The best valentines day present I have ever received happened yesterday! Aaron brought over six dozen roses and a book he had made for me! The book was titled “The reasons why I love Monic'”! One of the best gifts I have ever received! :)!

I’m guessing it’s too late?? 🙁
Well, my best valentines day gift was a snow fort and snow picnic. He took me to the mountain and I just thought we were going to snowboard, but he had a little igloo/fort built, complete with snow table and chairs and all, and we had some snacks and some wine, SO PERFECT!! Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day <3 I just stumbled upon your work and just fell absolutely in love by the way omgg!

I’m guessing it’s too late? 🙁
Well, my best valentines day gift was when my boyfriend made a snow fort and we had a snow picnic. I thought we were just going up to the mountain for a little snowboard sesh, but he had already made a snow igloo/fort complete with snow table and snow chairs, and we had a little picnic and bubbly. Cutest thing ever 🙂 Hope you had a great valentines Day! <3 PS Just stumbled upon your work and absolutely fell in love <3

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