Tonhya. Your words are so amazing. It’s basically what I say to my dad when I can too. ha. I miss and love both of your parents so much. Hopefully I can get in touch with them soon and see them as well. I love you lots! And I love those pictures of them, I might just have to ask for a copy of them!! Love.


Tohnya, hey it’s your old roomie!! Just wanted to leave you some notes!

I wanted to say that number one: you are so beautiful
2. you’re so freakin’ talented girrrrrrrrrrl!!!!!!!!
3. I miss you so we should go for coffee
4. your parents are adorable!!!!

So sweet! Loved reading it & looking at the photos…sounds like you have a pretty special family. Thanks for posting it!

Monic' Dion

SO sweet Tonhya! Your dad is such a great guy!! Tell him I said I’m sorry for our rebel times as well.. we almost gave him ( and my dad) a heart attack!

Jonna "first born" :)

I second all that! Love you so much Dad. I have a million great memories of all the things you’ve done for us kids over the years. And for the record, she may catch the biggest fish, but I catch the most! hehe love you! (Thanks for posting this sweet entry Ton)

Debbie Dion

What a special post to your Dad on Fathers Day!! Love the pictures of you three and also the one of your Dad and Mom just beautiful!! I do agree with Monic’ guys are lucky you did not send your Dad’s into heart failure at times..I guess that goes along with being a Dad.

Love ya,

Debbie Dion

Mom and Dad

We Love You Tonhya!!! Mom and Dad

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