Preach it, sista, I’m right there with you on all of this. I’m ready for brisk fall air to give me another wind.

So funny you asked for book recs – I just read this amazing book and then thought to myself that it’s probably weird to just go around recommending a book to people who haven’t asked for it. But you just did! So, Blue Plate Special by Kate Christensen. Read it!

Ummm — I’m with you on the holiday music. Didn’t want to admit it, but I did listen to some the other day and it got me all giddy. Check on the tea. Check on the slippers & sweaters. Check on feeling a bit stressed. Virtual hug right back to you my dear! Excited to see all the stuff you did this summer. 🙂


i’m feeling it too. although, i will be missing one of my favorite PNW seasons (fall) to venture to the land of oz to enjoy spring/summer and onward from there. to keep your ears at ease through the coming cuddly season i recommend the following jams:
avicii-wake me up (talk about pump up music and it’s all about the journey and it will help motivate your wanderlust into planning that next global adventure).
alt-j-EVERYTHING (just trust me here. buy every ep/album/song you can get your hands on…i promise it’s money well spent).
rose windows-the sun dogs (this ecclectic album is perfect for sweater weather when you’re cozied up with hot cocoa editing photos).


Hey!! for music I have to share Jhameel, love him! just fun pop music! and go on ahead and play your Christmas music! (I am!)

As for books I read “The Red Tent” so good! a must read for ladies



love YOU!
Inspiration you ask? I am reading this incredible e*book written by some soul sisters down in Australia. If you are thinking about goal-setting and the like, its a good one! Check it out at Book is called Spirited. Loveliness in words and design.
love following you on here and seeing what you are up to! xoxo

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