Just amazing. The day and the couple combined with your talent is incredible 😉

The WOW factor at this wedding is ridiculous. TK you really couldn’t have done a more beautiful job! I love her dress and all the smiles these two had all day! So so SO romantic- especially those nighttime shots. I can tell that you just shot your heart out at this wedding and it shows how incredible of a wedding photographer you are. So incredibly proud of you and this top tier work. Fabulous.

This is the most stunningly beautiful couple, dress(es), wedding, and set of photographs… Incredibly elegantly documented. Wonderful job, Tonya!

absolutely amazing. gave me goosebumps! i adore how you got so many great shots of the bride and groom!!

Seriously the most stunning wedding I have ever seen. These photos are amazing!

What a gorgeous wedding, enhanced that much more by amazing photos! Awesome job, Tonhya!!!!

Carrie Hall

Oh my goodness gracious dude. This is absolutely unreal. Just stunning, stunning work. Excuse me while I go pin ALL of these. That back shot tho!!!! Amazing work, Tonhya.


This is seriously just nuts. Crazytown. I LOVE all of it and you did it so so so good!!! It’s like all good and beautiful things came together for a day cloaked in magic – yay!

holy balls. biggest crush on her and her wedding. and biggest crush on you now, you freakin killed it. such good work tonhya!!

you are crazy talented, tonhya!! this wedding is incredible!!!

Tiarra Sorte

her dress, the venue, this couple…your images. JUST BOMB! Really. Well done.

Oh wow, that dress! You made Pioneer Square look so classy. You’re amazing.


Beautiful pictures!!! Where is that alley spot with the teal window frames?

Absolutely beautiful photos displayed in your blog! I especially love the lighting that you use for this reception. Great job!

So gorgeous!!! Love your photos!

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