Andria Lindquist

oh my dear i love it. love that CA light. she is so sweet. and man that one in B&W under the big tree is BOMB.


These are great. So many familiar faces, included my sister, and Matt & Rosie look so happy.:) Great job Tonhya!

Emma Kepley

OMG i LOOOOOOVE the black and white one with the trees…it’s simply delicious, your amazing.

always perfect work. super jealous!! where is this at!??!


Wow! She is beautiful… I love the pictures of them in the dry field. Amazing!!

so good! i’m so glad they hired you. 🙂 i love those portraits up on the hill with the ridiculously great tree.

sweet! nice work tonhya…


Gorgeous! What a beautiful couple and an amazing wedding venue. It looked absolutely perfect!

Wow, this is one of your best yet. STUNNING.

Gorgeous couple, venue & photos! You did such a great job Tonyha!!


first of all! you did such an amazing job capturing the love in this shoot! omgosh, not just the bride and groom, but all the friends and family. some really great moments. second, so im reading this at work (as i usually do on my down time haha) and i seriously almost started crying when i saw the “first look” series. i dont even know these people!! and i got all warm and fuzzy 🙂 so special. you did such a great job capturing her coming up behind him! beautiful. and third. this whole wedding was beautiful, but i had some favorite shots. i liked the grooms men sitting at the table all serious contrasted with them all casual with their feet up. haha i bet that was your idea, so creative! and the one of the bride in the dry grass field with her back turned. some really beautiful light! lots of love ton! you’re awesome girl


LOVE. crazy long awesome awesome awesome post.

Kelsey Cappelletti

Ton- these are ah-ma-zing! I am in LOVE with the shot of the bride walking away in the field, so beautiful! You are just so talented 🙂

Kelsey Cappelletti

Ton- These are a-ma-zing! I’m IN LOVE with the shot of the bride walking away in the field! You are so talented!

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