So so good, Tonhya! I need to travel with you. So many people shots… my favorite.

Looked incredible and VERY well documented 🙂

henry bi
Andria Lindquist

omg. so many memories and treasures there. so fun looking over things from your perspective. i want to go back. lets go back. mango shakes on me!

ben blood

Really excellent stuff in here friend!

So goooddss! Thanks for the invite btw!

ugh i just love all of these. i can literally feel the emotion radiating out of each photo. and the color. oh lord the color! thanks soooo much for sharing these! i look forward to the next batch. 🙂

Nicole Firestone

Gorgeous stuff here love!

i am buying a ticket right now. i love all the little children you photographed…i could feel your heart! (cheesy, but true.) these are beautiful, can’t wait to see the rest!


Beautiful as always! 🙂 Made me think of my childhood.

Kelsey Cappelletti

So beautiful. Thank you for sharing 🙂

It put my heart through many emotions to read/look through this post.. : ) I adore the Filipino people so much, and you truly described and captured them. (I think they are some of the kindest people on the planet) You pulled at my heart with those deep, big eyes and made my heart leap with their smiles of joy! And oh my, the beauty you have seen is unlike any part of the Philippines I have experienced.. what a great site to go to the islands! I love the series in the hills, and the sunset, mmm, beauty!!

xx- Ali

Damn, Tonhya! So good.

I want to go there. Such amazing photos- thanks for sharing your adventures 🙂

man, love these! my favorite travel images are the ones that have some of that realness you experience through actually traveling. these have that.

Love these. Great captures. Love how it makes you feel like you were there.

Love these! Great captures.. I love how it makes you feel like you were there!

Andrew G.

This wonderful photos just owned my bandwidth allotment for the evening, but were so totally worth it. Your words describe my feelings on travel to the T, and your photos flow better than anything I could dream of putting together.

Over time your memory of *that* sunset may fade, and the vista may not seem quite so grand, but I believe that you’ll never forget how your company or the people around you made you feel at the time.

Thanks for sharing.

Andrew G.

Double post. =(

Dodgy South African internet! Feel free to delete these last two!


Hi Tohnya,

I’m in Molly’s wedding party, and when she told me about you, I had to come check out your website. These pictures are amazing and I can’t wait to see what you do with Molly and Ben!!! 🙂

These are absolutely amazing – so incredibly inspiring! They should be published in National Geographic! You are so talented!

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