Andria Lindquist

the B&Ws are retarded good. that one of them far away in B&W is soooooo good. can you be there when I get engaged? sooo happy you got to document this for her!


These are incredible! Those two are always making each other laugh, you did a great job capturing their personalities!

So good. Love beach sessions without the sun. win.


oh man! the rain just makes it so much more romantic! Monic is like a little sister to me. I couldn’t be happier – Aaron is a lucky guy! Monic, you look beautiful and your precious spirit really shines through! XO

your work never ceases to amaze me. just, wow!!


Wow, this couple is absolutely stunning! Such a beautiful girl & handsome guy! T these are amazing, your eye in photography is unbelieveable!!

love the true PNW beach style. and yeah, the b+w’s are money.

Monic' Dion

Ohhhhhhh Ton Ton! I love them! Every single one is perfect! I cant wait to show Aaron! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I love love love your photos soooo much and the colors in these shots are incredible! LOVE!

Debbie Dion

Tonhya these are so so good and what you posted really made me cry!!! I remember all of those sleep overs and the barbie dolls and all of it!! You are so specal to Ron and I and these pictures are priceless! So glad and excited for you to be a part of all of this….you did such a good job capturing there personalities and there smiles…you know Monic’ so well!!! We Love You so much!!!!


Amazing. Monic i am so happy for you.

Amazing! Love it – as always 🙂

Ali M

I love how there are lots of b&w images in this post! My favorite by far is the one where they are kissing, pretty far away and there’s tons of white space. So great!

Pamula L. Stamschror

Wow, such beautiful pictures and what a gorgeous ring Monica! Congratulations!

Jenni G

The blanket ones are my favorite!

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