You do such amazing work Tonhya! Great post and fantastic photography!!!

those last few portraits are unreal! so well done, my friend.

Love that scenery, you guys made some awesome stuff here.

Absolutely beautiful Tonhya!!! The love just pours off the screen! Your work is stunning!!


These are phenomenal!!! Oh my word. Every single one of them. ♥

those desert shots are epic!

really wonderful on so many levels!

Mandee Romero

WOW! beautiful work. : )


Love! As always!

Shannon Russell

Omg… I cannot WAIT for you to do my wedding now… Everytime I see your pictures I am more and more impressed. Will you just follow me around and take photos every day!?

Okay, I am sooo impressed. This is hands down, the best blog post, best images, best wedding I have ever seen on your site. You absolutely NAILED it, and I love every single picture. Congrats girl 🙂

Love it! Absolutely beautiful my friend.

Super gorgeous! The white on the red rocks just pops!


Amazing. Beautiful. Stunning.


Every time I see these photos it’s so wonderful because I can perfectly picture it as if it were happening in that moment all over again. You did such a phenomenal job and I honestly cannot thank you enough for capturing our day in a way that we can enjoy forever. You and Jeff are so talented and I can’t wait to see what more you have in store. Thank you again Tonhya!!

Monic' Dion

Oh my gosh these brought tears to my eyes! So awesome!

Jennifer Etters

I love your work. I have talked to you before but this wedding is amazing. I live in NC and I wish I lived closer I would love to work with you but I am too far away. Anyway if you dont mind, what equement do you use. And are the any tips you can give me?

Katja Hennessey

Just wanted to tell you how absolutely beautiful your pictures are!! You have created wonderful memories that I’m sure Dustin and Julie will treasure always.

So perfect. I don’t expect anything less from you though…. love ya!


the lighting was incredible!! wow. and i love the desert backgrounds and the canyons. it’s not very conventional. super artsy.

Kelsey Cappelletti

You did an amazing job! These photos are beautiful 🙂

so good! you and jeff killed it 🙂

so good! you and jeff killed it!

wow. your photos are so lovely.

Love your work, girl. I hope you’re well.

Wow – what a beautiful job you did, wonderful photographs!

Wow – great job on this wedding! Stunning!

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